Friday, November 20, 2009

The house

Before talking about the renovations, let's take a look at the house. It's a simple 1950's era bungalow on a 56' X 119' lot. The average size for a lot in this neighbourhood is 50' X 100'. The land slopes down at the back and is shaded by some lovely mature oak trees. Also, because of the configuration of the next road over, there is a large triangular area of public land behind the house, giving us another approximately 40' before the start of the neighbour's backyard. This public land has become common land for the surrounding four or five houses and is well kept, but nobody can build on it.


  1. Hi,
    You might want to consider using photos of the house when it is empty. The former owner probably won't appreciate seeing her personal possessions on view in this way.

  2. hmm....good point. Thanks for that tip.