Saturday, September 18, 2010

Permit application submitted

The permit applications were submitted by the builder at the beginning of September. If all goes well, we should have our building permit and our demolition permit sometime in the later half of September. As soon as the permits are issued, work on the house will begin.

We had hoped to be able to sell the house and have it moved. Besides saving us a bit in demolition costs, it would have been nice to see the house recycled. The house is well built and could have made someone a good home. However, the buyer who was interested in the house decided that it was not for him. Unfortunately, this late in the season it is hard to sell it to someone else, so it will be demolished instead.

The electricity has now been shut off at the house and on Monday the rental hot water tank will be removed by the the rental company.

Things are really starting to move now.


  1. Too bad Simon, about the house buyer. Still, move on. Won't the movers buy it anyway? You'll be glad to see the house moved and building work getting started. You should have about 6 weeks before the bad weather starts to set in. Love, Mum x

  2. Friends of ours in Toronto also couldn't find somebody to buy their bungalow when they built - but they had Habitat for Humanity go through the house before it was demolished to recover anything that was re-usable (doors, windows, kitchen cupboards, sinks, etc). So they managed to divert stuff from a landfill and they got a sizable tax deduction for a charitable donation.

  3. Unfortunately, the building moving company we were dealing with initially, CDS Building Movers, will not buy it this late in the season. They do not want it sitting in their compound over the winter.

    I also did phone Habitat for Humanity to see about recycling a lot of the interior. I guess that they must currently be overwhelmed with stuff from all the house building going on in Ottawa, because they were not that helpful. They refused to come around to the house to remove what they wanted. Instead, they told me that my contractors would have to take out everything that I wanted to donate and leave it in the front garden, then they would send around a truck and look through it and take what they wanted, leaving the rest behind. Needless to say, I was not about to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to remove items from the house on the off chance that they might take it.