Sunday, November 7, 2010

Waterproof membrane applied to foundation

In the last week an a half, a lot of progress has been made, starting with waterproofing the foundation.

Once the foundation was poured, a Platon membrane was applied to the outside of the foundation against living areas. Platon is a tough, waterproof, double dimpled, high-density polyethylene plastic membrane that keeps wet soil away from the foundation wall. The dimples create an air gap between the wall and the waterproof membrane. Any water that does find its way past the membrane flows to the footing drain. As an added benefit, wall moisture condenses on the back of the membrane and flows to the footing drain. This dries out the wall. Because Platon is not adhered to the wall, the wall can crack, shift and settle over the years without affecting Platon’s performance (although hopefully that wont be an issue).

Next step, back filling.


  1. a bund membrane would be better, this really prevents the passage of water. It's spray applied onto concrete, timber or metal and so can be detailed around pipes fittings and fixed plant and will dry up easily, no need to wait for it to dry up for a long time like other ways do.

  2. The Bund spray-on membrane looks like it would be a good solution for waterproofing basements, but I have been unable to find anyone in Canada who will apply it. It looks like it might be a fairly new product out of the UK.

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  5. Water could possibly be seeping throughout through the cellar floors along with rooms and can trigger chips inside the basis in your home; most of these locations need to be covered along with Waterproofing immediately.


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