Thursday, February 11, 2010

The inspiration for our terraced patios

Our architect immediately envisioned terraced patios leading down into the back garden when she first saw our bungalow. Inspired by her vision, I started to look for examples of her ideas and found this great home.

The house shown below has a walk-out basement into a large back garden. On the far side, above the retaining walls, are a series of terraced patios.

In the two photos below you can see the patios in more detail with different furniture arrangements. The patio under the pergola with the fireplace comes off the kitchen. The closer patio, which is a couple of steps down, comes off the living room (to the left through the french doors)

The picture below is taken from the reverse angle, with the camera positioned on the patio coming off the kitchen and looking down toward the patio coming off the living room.

The picture below shows the view to the garden from the patio off the living room:

And this picture shows the patio outside the living room as seen from the garden:

As you can see, these are not huge patios, but by changing the level, they created two very nice areas that can function as outdoor rooms in summer.

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