Friday, February 26, 2010

Modern vs Traditional style house

Because we really like to make things difficult for ourselves, we asked our architect to do a concept drawing of the house in a more modern style so we could compare it to the more traditional, Arts and Crafts/Prairie style.

The only problem is that we like the new concept as much as the first.

Tell us what you think.

Below is the more traditional look, with the first picture the front of the house and the second of the rear of the house. (the picture of the front of the house was provided in black and white, so I had to colour it myself, which is why the colours don't exactly match)

and below is the more modern look. First, the front of the house. We both really like the asymetrical porch that she has designed. It's a bit difficult to tell on this picture, but the porch would be covered by a flat roof with wood sticking out the front so it looks sort of like a pergola. There is a wall at the front of the porch, about 3 feet wide or so, that screens the front door from the road. This provides a place to put things like strollers, snow shoves, etc. so that they are in front of the house, but not in sight from the road. The porch would be open at the side behind the wall. The cladding is a combination of stucco and wood siding. The siding would be by a company called Maibec, and they have a 25 year warranty of their siding (which means I don't have to paint it every five years).

and here is the rear of the house. The same basic design, but different windows from the more traditional look. This more modern look would allow us to have large corner windows in the bedroom and the living room.


  1. I've looked at the drawings again and because of the low-lying structure from the street, I think the prairie style house suits the landscape better. The modern style will be lost on the viewer. After all, the modern style has to immediately say oomph!, which means height and the house doesn't have it, so it sort of becomes rather ordinary, whereas the first house has more style to go with the landscape and low lying features. It will sit better in that garden. Also, I like the back of the first house better and I think the design suits the smart interior. Anyway, thank goodness I don't have to make a choice. Good luck to you both. I only have the luxury of making a comment. Tee Hee! Mum xxx

  2. Yeah, we took the drawings down to the house this past weekend and debated the pros and cons of the two styles while looking at the front of the house. We decided to go with the more traditional look. I am just writing a blog post about it now.